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Saint Harriet

Harriet Tubman was and is a saint. Her spirit still guides us out of the clutches of slavery into a world where we can live free. There has been some discussion amongst Black and White politicians about putting Harriet’s face on a twenty dollar bill. Whoever is thinking this way has no clue as to what Harriet valued the most.

Harriet was not about money. She was about freedom. She single-handedly went over nineteen times from the North to the South to bring so-called slaves to freedom. She was a lover of humanity not money. She had abolitionist and other concerned human beings to assist her in her efforts. She referred to her mission as The Underground Railroad which lead to freedom , a possible job and a place to live without tyranny. It would be insulting to demean Harriet’s saintly work by attaching it to currency of any form. Money could never represent the work of Saint Harriet.

It is also important to remember that America was very divided. There was the North and there was the South. The North had a constitution. The South had a Confederacy. There was a confederate flag and confederate currency. The pictures on the money were pictures of Blacks doing the work of slaves like picking cotton. I was appalled when I first saw a confederate bill. Then I realized why not highlight the primary resource of your wealth. The African so-called slave was the greatest resource America had in their possession. The South wanted to advertise this by making it clear.“ Yeah we rich cause we got millions of Darkies working for free” Harriet was not on a mercenary mission . She was on a humanity mission. Money plays no role in regards to her worth.

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Apr 10

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